My dad was abusive and manipulative to my mom and even cheated on her and she doesnt exactly like him yet when my sister (who lives with him half the time) complains about something he does, my mom is always saying its the fault of his new wife.


"Quite expensive if you want my opinion."

Okay, but can we talk about the descriptions (set as captions on each picture, though this bottom quote is on all of them) Mortis Ghost wrote for these? Because they’re glorious.


so we went to an improv show and we played this game where somebody is given a trait and another player has to guess what it is based on how they answer questions

and one of the players who was a taxidermist was asked “what do you do for a living?” and she replied “oh you know…. stuff” AND TO THIS DAY THAT IS THE GREATEST PUN I HAVE EVER HEARD MY GOD


don’t trust anyone who believes that the sauna scene from frozen is important LGBT representation

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Thank you

Make a contract with me, Sara.
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Fuuuuck no

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I can't figure out why people aren't understanding this. If you're a trans woman, and you lived as a man for the first 20 years of your life, you were socialized male. End of story. There is no wiggle room so people's feelings don't get hurt, or so they don't have to bear the shame of male privilege. This is ridiculous. Neither trans men, nor trans women, MAGICALLY obtain the lived experience of their innate gender once they come out and/or transition. And you all KNOW THAT.
- Anonymous

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